Ms Candy

MS CANDY is a celebrity hairstylist and the CEO of COSMETIC MONEY. Ms. Candy is a hair coloring guru and lace wig master. She has styled a wide variety of celebrities such as Angel Brinks, Lil Kim, Ayleks, Isabel Bedoya Kidbuu, Roxxanne Montana, Tay Money, Asian Doll, and many others. Her studio and headquarters are located in Hollywood, CA. Ms.Candy founded her business in Cincinnati, OH at the age of 18 and over the years has built her brand into an empire. As a social media mogul, she has over 250K followers on Facebook and 50K on Instagram. Internationally renowned for her color expertise, Ms. Candy has developed her own brand of lace wigs and recently released her newest product from “The Hair Painting Factory” “CANDY PAINT ADHESIVE” . This adhesive is a long-lasting lace wig adhesive perfect for installing any custom CANDY PAINT JOB.